Monday, February 18, 2008

Name Calling

Who's name will you call on?

People take sides and jockey for position in every presidential race. Many are claiming the name of their potential candidate. I'm for so-and-so. She's for so-and-so. How could you support so-and-so. When it comes to taking sides, I have a choice. Who's name do I claim.

In the spiritual realm, it's the same. I can decide who's name to call on. I can call on His name...or decide to call on something else. While it seems like a no-brainer to be on God's side - there are times in life where man didn't call on the Lord's name (Genesis 4:26).

When was the last time I called on the LORD's name? I mean beyond the lunch-time prayers or weekend worship prayers. Do I call on His name to guide me? To reveal my life's direction? To worship Him?

Like most parents - I wish for my kids to call on the LORD's name in their life. But what ensures them calling on His name? There's no guarantee. Just like those in Genesis (Cain and Able) - they will decide for themselves who or what they will give worth to in their life. Sure, I want it to the the LORD. And so does the LORD. But, like any good presidential race - God gives each person a choice. God gives me a choice each day if I'll call on Him - who's name will I call on and serve.

God. People use your name in so many ways. Sometimes for worship. Sometimes in a cry for help. Sometimes to ask for blessing. Sometimes as they curse. I want my life to call out to Your name. I don't want to rely on myself - or in my name. I don't want to rely on man around me either - on the latest popular presidential candidate, speaker, or influential person. May You have the most influence on my life as I call on Your name - and Your name alone. I also pray for my family - as my kids follow me, that they would choose to call on Your name as well. Use me to show them the way to You - but help me allow them to make the choice for themselves.

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