Monday, February 04, 2008

Worship in a Watertower

Sometimes people ask me, "What's your favorite music?" That's hard to answer. It depends on the day and the mood. Music that sets my heart and eyes on who God is - is especially engaging. What music is that? Again, it depends on so many variables. Sometimes, it's brass & organ. Other times symphonic rock. Yet other times, it's really far out Spectral Voices.

Spectral Voices is a group that sings in a watertower. Yes, watertowers. It's a combination ot throat singing, whistling, and other odd vocal gymnastics that produce an erry and awe-inspiring sound.

Does it cause me to worship? Sometimes when I listen to it, yes it does. How does it cause me to worship? It reminds me of how incredible God has designed our voices and ears to experience acoustic wonders like these. We couldn't sing or hear these sounds or even conjure up the sound-scapes unless God gave us the ability. God is so creative.

It begs the question what music will be like on the other side of this life. Will we be able to hear an infinate range of sound? Will we be able to 'hear' more than the audio frequencies we do now? Will we be able to 'see' sound? Will it be a Pink Floyd concert on steroids - or more?

Want to hear Spectral Voices? Here are some links for the curious...
Catch them at the iTunes store here.

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