Monday, September 07, 2009

Churches I visit Monday through Saturday

Someone at Topeka Bible Church asked me, "If I wanted to catch TBC's worship time with the music online, how can I do that? I'm now involved over at the College Avenue Building each week in children's ministry." Great question. While we don't publish any podcasts of the music portion of the worship gathering (copyright nightmares), the sermons are always archived here for TBC.

Then they asked me if I could share any other churches that I listen/watch to. Again, you won't find much music - but you'll catch all their sermons online. Here's a quick list of some churches that are doing great things in the kingdom of God. And you can attend their sermons Monday through Saturday when you aren't at your home church. I'm posting the actual URLs for transferability.

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  1. Casey W. Moore8:10 AM

    A great place to find sermons on-line is See other good "Resources" on the right hand side of