Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Incredible Topeka Bible Church baptism story last weekend

How God used Topeka Bible Church to lead a Drug Addict to Christ: If you missed baptism last Sunday, you missed an INCREDIBLE story. Last year you may recall a song and video the Vocal Team (all TBC singers) and Band communicated - called "Our God Reigns." If not, here's another look at it... his story begins at 3 minutes 10 seconds...

Underneath the song, a story of TJ was told - a guy who's in the worship arts ministry ... in fact, on stage crew. His life was spiraling out of control.

Can you believe that one of TJ's drug dealer clients had started attending TBC and was there that morning? Believe it. This woman was looking for the same hope that TJ discovered. And now the video, song, and story was connecting with her. That's how God works. At this past Sunday's baptism, she was baptized! Do you believe God can use us? If not, change your thinking. Worship at TBC matters!


  1. Anonymous5:39 PM

    WoW Bryan, that was powerful! Way to go TBC! Way to go God! regina

  2. Anonymous3:47 AM

    For some, their pride will bar them from accepting the Unspeakable Gift. And yet, those who find Christ in their brokenness, will accept the Hand of The Holy Family's acceptance back Home. I believe the short clip showed this very point. And again, the point is that we are weak in self and yet in Jesus all is possible!
    Give thanks to God! : )mpm