Monday, September 21, 2009

Worship Tip and Rewind: September 20, 2009 #sundaysetlist #sundaysetlists


If you are reading this in your RSS feed, then you'll want to hit the actual site to catch the video. Topics in this week's worship tip & rewind (empowering others, orchestra, micing a guitar amp in isolation, virtual sound check). Get past the dork and listen to the content.

  • New Doxology with Baba O'Riley patch > Ken, Psalter, Miller
  • Your Grace Is Enough > Maher
  • From The Inside Out > Houston
  • Your Name > Baloche, Packlam
  • Friend of God > Houghton, Gungor
Watch/listen to last weekend's message

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  1. Cool vid. I'm really excited to see how more of these turn out. While I enjoy all the happenings, I also enjoy having you lead worship, so I hope that you do that at least once a month. I guess that's just a personal opinion, but also a sign that I feel you're doing a good job not only empowering others, but leading them too.