Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How Bad Is Your Band?

I've given out evaluations before, but this one would make me nervous. It's gutsy to ask the world what they think of something, but sometimes — it's the only way to get better. Unbiased, raw feedback can be some of the most useful, if you get it in good quantity and quality. But you gotta have thick skin and dissolve your personal guard before reading the feedback. Kudos to Mars Hill for having the guts on this one.
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Band Review Guide

Our Band Development Team created an online review form that allows trusted people to offer encouragement and constructive criticism to bands in order to help in ongoing growth/development of a band once they’re consistently playing on a Sunday.

Pastor Tim, Campus Pastors, a variety of Campus Production Managers (tech guys!) and I will go to this online form after worshiping in song with one of these bands and comment on a variety of things - from leadership ability and musicianship to the quality of the songs being sung.

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  1. just a quick clarification... We only let a select few people we trust fill out this guide. If we opened this up to the "world" it would be a zoo. I don't want our volunteer band leaders to have to sort through that much feedback. We pick a mix of musicians and non-musicians and people who we know will give us honest feedback. I encourage you to do the same.

    Tim Smith
    worship pastor Mars Hill Church