Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pastor says, "...and don't you come back."

Dwight Mason (Northpointe Church) didn't exactly use those words, but he did challenge his church that if they didn't participate in Sunday's community service day and went to another church instead, they could stay there. That took guts. And I believe Dwight is right on target.

Listen, God's church at Northpointe, is one that is growing both deep and wide (numbers and spiritually).

You go Dwight. May God use your church this weekend for His purposes. Thanks for being the church — not just playing church.

Here's what he said...
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This past Sunday I challenged Newpointe to fully participate in our community service day and not go to church but to be the church. I said that if you choose to attend another church instead of participating in this, just go ahead and stay there, because we are wanting to be difference makers and not consumers.
What most people need is not a hear a sermon, but to see one.
That is my prayer for August 3.

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