Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Music Not a Major Factor for Unchurched People did a great review of reasons why unchurched people choose a church. There are 3 surveys that Thom S. Ranier’s book "Surprising Insights from the Unchurched" discusses.

While music was ON the list, MUSIC is NOT HIGH on the list. Check out what IS high on the list. The pastor/preaching, what they believe, and relationships seem to be the major influences.

Here's one of the three surveys. Go to to see the other lists.
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Top 13 Reasons that Unchurched People Choose a Church
(research conducted by Ranier)

  1. 90% - Pastor/Preaching

  2. 88% - Doctrines

  3. 49% - Friendliness of Members

  4. 42% - Other Issues

  5. 41% - Someone Church Witnessed to Me

  6. 38% - Family Member

  7. 37% - Sensed God’s Presence/Atmosphere of Church

  8. 25% - Relationship Other than Family Member

  9. 25% - Sunday School Class

  10. 25% - Children’s/Youth Ministry

  11. 12% - Other Groups/Ministries

  12. 11% - Worship Style/Music

  13. 7% - Location

In recent years, there have been several research studies hoping to discover what motivates church attendance. I previously blogged about research from LifeWay Research and Gallup. Both of those studies offer good insights but can be general.

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