Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm Heading to Innovate08 Conference

I'm a worship arts pastor, but I rarely attend music or worship conferences. Why? While they were useful for a time, I like to get outside the box. That's why I'm quick to go to non-music and non-worship conferences.

In September 2008, I'm heading to a great church in northern Indiana (Grainger Community Church) where a conference about innovation will take place. I'm looking forward to getting out of my box. Here is what Mark Beeson, senior pastor of GCC, has to say about a podcast he just recorded for this conference.

If you are looking for a conference that will get you out of the box. This one would be a great one. And if you end up going, let me know. Would love to connect with you.
clipped from www.markbeeson.com

Innovate 2008

Dustin Maust (the guy who shot this photo) asked his new bride if we could record at their house. She said, "Yes," ('cause she's awesome) so Tim Stevens and Kem Meyer met me there and we recorded a new episode of "countdown2innovate."
"Innovate" gives leaders opportunity to come together so they can understand what we've been teaching and, I hope, benefit from what's right.

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