Sunday, October 26, 2008

Churches Online - the front door before the front door

Check out what the New York Times says about how people check out churches before they walk through the front door. I wonder what the touch points are for TBC? I wonder what someone really thinks of TBC before they walk through the front door? I wonder, most of all, what they think of Jesus at these various points?
clipped from
New York Times

Finding Jesus on Facebook, and Checking Podcasts for a Pew That Fits

It is not just from the pulpit that churches are finding new ways to attract younger worshipers. Some have created profiles or groups on Facebook or MySpace, as well as on specifically Christian networking Web sites, like, to encourage young people to stay connected to Jesus. Larger, wealthier churches build and maintain their own sites, offering video clips and podcasts of sermons, blogs, church ads and the ability to donate electronically.

Those seeking a place to worship say they use the online tools to preview a church. At one service, Mr. Searcy asked how many first-time attendees had listened to a podcast before deciding to try out the Journey — half the audience raised their hands.

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