Saturday, October 04, 2008

Curious About Spiritual Matters

Don't automatically think your friends aren't interested in spiritual things. In many cases, people are very interested in spiritual matters. It simply takes one party to initiate a discussion by asking a simple question - "Are you a spiritual-type person?"

Who do I need to ask this question of? How about you?

Check out this article on cellist Yo-Yo Ma's new album. The author of this article has their mind on spiritual things. I wonder if Yo-Yo does to.

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Yo-Yo Ma's new album takes spiritual journey

NEW YORK (AP) — After musical trips to Appalachia, Brazil, Argentina, the Silk Road and baroque and modern Italy, Yo-Yo Ma has embarked on a spiritual journey.

He felt the urge to record something that he hopes will bring people together during these dangerous times.

"I wanted to do something that focuses on an idea rather than a place," Ma said in an interview. "Like Appalachian music or Brazilian or tango or the Silk Road, we were going to faraway regions. But then there are other things that join us together. And one of them is this seeking of the experience of joy in different places. And so in a way it's like creating a party that brings all my friends together from the different parts of life."

The audience gets its chance to participate by submitting its own creations of "Dona Nobis Pacem" on the Indaba Music social network site. Entries will be judged and the winner will get an opportunity to record with Ma.

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