Sunday, October 05, 2008

Ride the Elevator to the Heavens

I admit, I'm a little bit of a tech/space junkie. If it sounds a little far fetched -then I'm into it.

I've read about this potential before, but I'm hearing more and more about this space elevator. The concept is an elevator that is built on counterweights to hoist and elevator to an orbiting docking station.

Read more about it here: article.

The accomplishments of man have grown throughout the years. Atom smashing, moon landing, tornado chasing, and the like must seem close to immortality playing fields. I know in the Bible, people got in deep doo doo with God then they attempted to build a tower to the heavens (Tower of Babel in Genesis 11).

Still doesn't come close to the Creator of matter, planets, weather, and Savior of the world. God, help me to be more in awe of You than the incredible stuff You are allowing us to discover. I admit, many times it the reserve. Forgive me.

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