Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Former Pastor Accuses Me of Backsliding

Scott Distler, I know you are reading this. Don't taunt me. So listen folks! Anyone who accuses me of blacksliding might want to take the plank out of their own eye - that is if they are telling their church that it should be more like a BAR!

Ha, take that one! May the blog wars begin...if you dare!

Here's what Scott wrote...out of his deep affection for me...
Along with the key role that Lisa is playing in Jonathan’s desire, there have also been several other key people who have helped to lead Jonathan in this direction. Khyle Keener oversees the youth worship band here at church and has been very instrumental in helping to fan the flame of Jonathan’s desire in this area. Matt McElravy, who I mentioned earlier, is also one that encourages Jonathan. It is fun to see my son learning from our very talented worship leader here at Grace as he sits in the services week after week as Matt leads our congregation in worship. Bryan Nelson, our former Worship Arts Director here at Grace who backslid and moved to the same position at another church in Kansas (the backslid part was obviously a joke...unless Bryan is reading this, then I meant it!) also greatly impacted Jonathan. Bryan took time to show an interest in Jonathan and his love for guitar and music. Even now, when Bryan and I talk on the phone, he always asks about Jonathan and his music.


  1. Hey, if the guitar fits...play it! After all, I had to do a lot of behind the scenes work to find a church that I could trick into taking you off of my hands so that it looked like God led you somewhere else when in actuality it was my way of getting rid of a bum like you for good! I made that decision after you did some of that evil Satanic style country music on a Sunday morning here at Grace!

  2. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Pastor Scott,

    Bryan is doing that Satanic country music this coming Sunday. Oh, woe is us! We never knew it was a trick getting him to come to Kansas. Things are starting to make sense now........

    p.s. We're sure glad you tricked us! (in spite of country Sundays!)