Tuesday, March 24, 2009

:: are you ignoring the opportunities God has right in front of your nose?

Thanks to Pete at Cross Point Church (Nashville, TN) for sharing this video of Joshua Bell playing violin and hardly anyone noticing because they are distracted with life.

Am I too distracted by life that I'm ignoring God's voice?

clipped from withoutwax.tv

Opportunity of a Lifetime

Have you guys seen this? It’s a clip of an experiment The Washington Post did with Joshua Bell, the world’s best violin player. They put him in a Washington DC Metro stop to work his musical magic. Would people stop and listen to the world’s best violin player who’s playing one of the world’s best violins (his violin was made in 1730 and cost $3.5 million)?

1,097 people walking past him and only a handful stop to listen. They are completely ignoring a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear this guy.

This video was so convicting to me. Each and every day the God of the universe wants me to listen to Him, tune into Him, walk with Him and yet I often choose to drown Him out with the noise of the world. I’m missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime.

Why didn’t they stop to listen?

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