Wednesday, March 18, 2009

:: when God sends (too many) musicians

God knew long before we did that we'd need something more. He always does, doesn't He?

I was resenting the fact that God allowed three new drummers, keyboard, bass, and several vocalists to show up at virtually the same time. Little did I know that He was setting us up to launch our LA worship location (Mulvane Lower Auditorium, 9:30am).

When will I learn to not fret about how God is working and trust Him?

This worship location is TBC's fifth worship location on a Sunday morning. It's the second simultaneous worship gathering. Sundays now look like this...

8:00am Mulvane Street Main Auditorium
9:30am Mulvane Street Main Auditorium + Mulvane Lower Auditorium
11:00am Mulvane Street Main Auditorium + College Avenue Xenos Room

What's crazy is that we might even have to open up a sixth location at 11:00am in the Lower Auditorium around Palm Sunday and Easter. Yikes.

What's unique about the LA worship location is that the band is synchronized in real time with the band upstairs. This means the band upstairs is playing the exact same music at the exact same time. They start together, stop together, transition together, and even have guitar solos together. In fact, we have only ONE lyric operator. The band downstairs music stays in time with everything upstairs or we'll lose synchronicity with the lyrics...and when the announcements and message are fed live via video to the LA worship location.

I'll explain in another post how it's done...but for now, know that I'm sleeping better along with our techs that the crazy concept works.

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