Wednesday, March 11, 2009

:: questions to ask before launching a new ministry or event

Some general questions I ask myself when someone wants to start a new ministry or event...

- Do we feel God is in this...or is this something we simply want to do?
- What is the purpose, passion, and funding driving this new venture?
- Is there a staff person who is passionate about cheerleading this?
- Is there a volunteer person who is passionate, available, and able to lead this?
- How can we pilot this in a small way to determine if there's more broad interest?
- Is there something we need to stop doing in order to begin doing this?
- Is there a way to consolidate this into something we are already doing?
- Is this need already fulfilled through other venues?

If the answer isn't a resounding "yes" to the above questions, I usually say "no" to the good in order to say "yes" to the best.

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