Friday, March 13, 2009

:: how to select musicians for leading worship

A talent broker. That's what I am.
I manage the talent that God has brought to a local church. While it's part of what I do, it's also one of the things I least enjoy about my role...making decisions about how to place people appropriately in ministry to most effectively accomplish God's mission for His church.

When it comes to musicians, there are three important criteria to look for. By no means are these the only three, however these three are important. They are AVAILABILITY, ATTITUDE, and ABILITY.

  • Availability - (most important) Are they available for rehearsals? Do they make themselves available? Are they available for the whole rehearsal or do they come late or leave early? Do they make themselves available regardless of the type of group they are asked to be involved in?
  • Attitude - Why are they there? Do they fill your bucket or empty it? Are they passionate about leading others in worship? Are they a team player? How do they respond if they/others aren't singing/playing on stage as frequently as they/others would like? Are they willing to try new things? Does their attitude off stage mirror their on stage lyrics?
  • Ability - (least important) Do they have the minimum requirements to sing/play? What styles can they pull off? Can they read music? Can they sing/play by ear? Are they tied to a music stand? Are they aware of what is going on around them on stage and off stage musically? Do they have an ability to lead or are they a great follower, or both?

The attributes of availability, attitude (heart), and ability were developed by Rick Muchow.

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