Monday, January 26, 2009

Downloadable worship guitar tones for Line 6's POD X3

Thanks to Kenny over at for posting this nice set of tones for Line 6's POD X3. Listen to the video at least for 1 minute to get to the good tones — and a nice example with looping at the end.

Pod X3 Update

After a month or so of tweaking + playing for two church services, I've made further adjustments to my Pod X3 patches. Check them out below, and download them here. For those without the pod x3, some of the examples with the wah, flanger, and random S/H might give you some ideas....
I recorded using a cheapo computer mic, so the tones in the video have a thin quality to them, especially the clean tones. Also apologies for the out-of-tune guitar!

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  1. I am all over this! I just order the X3 Live.