Saturday, January 03, 2009

Why do people insult you?

In the US, there's not a lot we are insulted or persecuted for. We are a pretty tolerant nation these days — one where it's culturally wrong to insult or discriminate. One might argue that we are too tolerant.

Regardless, we've all been insulted at different times in our life. Maybe it was our mullet, rolled jeans, or comb in the back pocket in the 80s. Or maybe because we like music that isn't popular. When it gets really bad, some call it "persecution." The larger question for me is WHY have I been insulted.

The Bible says God desires to bless those who are insulted and persecuted because of Him (Matthew 5:11). I may be insulted, but if it's because of a decision/action that I made on my own — it doesn't count. If I'm insulted/persecuted just 'because' — it doesn't count. But if I'm insulted by someone because I've lived my life in light of how Christ would live — then I believe I'll be blessed.

The question is — the next time I'm insulted, am I being insulted because of my association with Christ? Or something else? Am I ever insulted at all for Christ for anything? If not, am I playing my life too safe and wasting away opportunities God is bringing me?

Why do people insult you these days?

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