Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Should we kill/continue the Topeka Light Show?

It's important to really evaluate after a resource-sucking event whether or not to continue or kill it.

I'm taking a risk in publicly revealing the results from the online survey from the 5,500+ people who came to the 2008 Topeka Light Show. Why bare all and reveal the results? Because we need to know if we should continue it.

Without saying whether or not we'd continue the 3-story drive-in light show with live musicians - download the comparison report to take a look at the results and decide for yourself. In another post, I'll share my thoughts on the data and let you know what I think.

UPDATE: Link should now work properly. Thanks Dustin for catching it.


  1. If the choice is to keep the light show, which I would hope, I think the re-direction from to may have played some into the stats. It would be interesting to see if you have any google analytics for whatami...
    Overall though, I think we saw a boost in most areas, which is nice to see. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Is there actually serious consideration of discontinuing the light show?