Saturday, January 10, 2009

Following Jesus without fear

How does my current ministry practice align with what Jesus asked His followers to do? If I follow Jesus, should I have the same results (people persecuting me). Do I live in fear? Or do I live my life in such a way that normally a person would be fearful ... but because of God's care I don't have to be. Or am I taking the easy road?

Matthew 10 is Jesus' charge to His disciples. What were they supposed to do? Here are the verbs he used...

  • go to the lost sheep
  • preach
  • heal sick
  • raise dead
  • cleanse lepers
  • cast out demons
  • do not acquire money
  • inquire who is worthy
  • abide/stay with the worthy
  • enter the house
  • give it your greeting regardless of how it returns
  • if rejected, go out and shake off the dust
He goes on...
  • beware of men
  • do not be anxious for how you will speak
  • flee persecution
  • do not fear
  • speak in the light and proclaim
  • do not fear
  • do not fear
In a nutshell, they were to take action. When they met resistance, they were to move on and continue in another location. Jesus knew it was going to be seen in the public eye and looked down on. So he told them to not fear, move on, continue the work.

Lord, show me how I can follow you better. Help me to not fear man or things of this earth if it means following you as a legitimate disciple.

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