Saturday, January 24, 2009

Imagine seeing this at your church

Another example of creativity in the local church below. Imagine walking into a church for a worship gathering and seeing this. What do you think? Like? Over the top?

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  1. I don't know man. I really struggle with this stuff. I believe research has been done that shows this stuff mostly attracts young church people (meaning disgruntled 18-20somethings that are frustrated with their parents church that they grew up in).

    However, it seems that 18-20somethings that have never grown up in the church, they're interested in the "Jesus thing" and are honestly seeking... they've read about Jesus and the early church, and when they go to these types of churches they're often mad... and possibly with good reason.

    Think about it. Imagine if you were in some unreached primal tribe in South America, you happened to read and speak English. One day a bible falls from a plane that's flying over. You read the Bible and are excited about Jesus, and these Christians. Lets fast forward, and somehow you've been able to make you're way to America and you're excited to see the church that you've read about. How much would American churches at large reflect what you read from the scriptures?