Thursday, January 15, 2009

The King works at Burger King

Some of you know that I frequent Burger King. Since it's so close to the church, I head down there frequently. Too frequently, according to my wife. But the side benefit of getting to know the crew that works there has been great.

I've had some great encounters at Burger King. A woman biking her way across the US because she wants to find God's direction for her life, inviting a Lowe's employee to church (who virtually helped me finish my basement), a man who lost his wife to illness (now eating alone), and a spiritual conversation with the manager after an employee was killed tragically in an automobile accident last Christmas. If I didn't eat there this frequently, then I may not have had that opportunity — or the opportunities to come.

Please understand, the crew at Burger King is not a "project" to me. They are each loved by a God that would love them to know Him. I want them to know this God that loves them.

Recently, I hit the jack-pot when they wrote each of their names on a dry-erase board. I now have a list of names to be praying for. And it really helps to remember their names when I walk through the door...because I'm naturally challenged with names.

And here's Tom, the guy from Lowe's, who helped me finish my basement. He walked into Burger King — and he had lunch with me and Hunter, just by chance. Who says the King isn't at work?

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  1. I like your headline / title of this post. clever.